Daaayyaaamn....Weddings Galore!

 This wedding season to me personally, was by far my absolute favourite! I can't be grateful enough for all the wonderful brides we got to work with this summer. I'm glad we have a tiny break from the craziness of the wedding season, but I am more than stoked for 2012!

On another note....one of my fav brides of this last season just emailed me the other day with some FANTASTIC photos of her wedding.

She definitely out did herself when I had asked her if she could possibly send me a few shots that were more or less "wedding flower" themed from her big day!

I really had a blast with this bride and she was such a treat to have as a client. I went a little out of my way for her and collected a few unique garden bloom varieties from the gardens around Kitsilano that give the public the chance to plant what they want and cut/pick stems out of the gardens whenever they please!

I just looove our neighbourhood :)

~ Chelsea