The Butterfly Effect

If you have passed by our store in Kits in the last week you may have been forgiven for thinking Spring had sprung! Each month Celsia Florist is teaming up with some of Vancouver's most talented wedding planners and stylists to create visually breathtaking window displays that we hope bring you as much joy to take in as they do us to create.

This month our windows have been styled by the oh-so-talented Petite Pearl Events, playing on the theme of The Butterfly Effect.

"We felt The Butterfly Effect was fitting considering it is January - a new year, a fresh start when many people set resolutions to make change in their life," Petite Pearl founder and principal planner Jessica Minnie said.

"That one change has the power to change the course of their life forever."

The windows start off with a Winter theme and progress, as time goes by, to a Spring setting full of color and life.

Here Petite Pearl Events share with us some of their inspiration images, followed by a few photos of the finished product!


You can see more images on our Facebook and Pinterest pages, or come and visit us as 1930 Arbutus Street, just off 4th Avenue.