Mother's Day Meanings

If you follow along on our Facebook page you may be familiar with a little post we do each week called Monday Meanings. Each Monday we share with you a picture of one of our arrangements along with the meaning behind a featured bloom. It's only a small post but it is undoubtedly one of our favorites. Together we have learnt the meaning of so many flowers and discovered a sweet new little language , The Language of Flowers. (There are many books by this name that would make a beautiful Mother's Day gift. We recommend the novel by Vanessa Diffenbaugh.)

Considering Mother's Day is on Sunday, we thought we'd bring you an extended Monday Meanings today based on a garden-inspired arrangement we created with Spread Love Events for a recent shoot.

Now to deconstruct.....

The meanings behind some of the featured blooms: Tulip - declaration of love, Stock - you will always be beautiful to me, Matricaria/Chamomile - energy in adversity, Ranunculus - you are radiant with charms, Eucalyptus - protection, Pale pink rose - Grace.

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Huge thank you to Gucio Photography for the images and Spread Love Events for the styling. You can see more images from this shoot on Spread Love's blog and see how, with some thoughtful details, you too can prepare a special Mother's Day Brunch for the special person in your life.

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