Be my Valentine

We've been busy in the studio coming up with new designs and refreshing some old favourites for the most loved-up day of the year, Valentine's Day of course.

While a dozen red roses on Valentines will forever hold its tradition, we think the gift of flowers should be about the person receiving them and their personality, as much as the occasion for the gesture.

So if the love in your life is not a lover of roses, why not send flowers with a little more meaning?

Meet Love Garden. Blue hyacinth for constancy, a red rose for love, ranunculus for radiance and charm, finished off with heather and eucalyptus for protection.

Or perhaps Scarlet. Bold and passionate, Scarlet is striking and a definite show stopper.

If it's unique you are after, Garden Exotique is the one combining lush seasonal blooms with more exotic elements such as orchids and ferns. You'll still find a rose or two in there, but this arrangement likes to be beautiful with a little less tradition.

And then there's Gypsy. Inspired by the outdoors, Gypsy has a bit of a wildflower vibe about her and is not afraid to dance to her own beat.

For the lover of grand gestures, there's the Celsia Signature dozen. More than your dozen roses, this bouquet is accented with seasonal blooms, berries and foliage.

You can place your Valentine's Day orders now at our online store.