Celebrating Spring With Vestige

In celebration of Spring, we teamed up with Etsuko Photography and Vestige for a special project showcasing the natural environment as this beautiful time of year. 

Our designer, Eriko, chose Steveston Village as the location for this photoshoot where she is inspired by and feels connected to the surroundings. 

"Vestige Story uses some beautiful fabric from Japan, where both Etsuko and I are from," Eriko explains. "Steveston also has a lot of influence from Japan. People immigrated to Canada around World War II and established a Japanese community there, including one of my relatives. Somehow, we all connected to this special place. This shoot felt like a reflection of my personal aesthetic, focussing on simplicity, nostalgia and natural spirit."

HARU : the season after winter and before summer, in which vegetation beings to appear.