Celsia Floral


If you are happy to design the flowers yourself but just need the Stems, please, allow us!

At Stems by Celsia Floral we offer a wholesale service designed to give you access to the high-quality flowers you need at competitive prices.

We have a range of options available to suit different needs.

I’ve got this

If ordering flowers is a breeze for you, simply place your required order and we’ll have the flowers ready and waiting.

I might need help

If you’ve got the confidence to make the arrangements but aren’t quite sure of the quantities required, let one of our experienced Celsia designers help. For a small fee we can write floral recipes to suit your needs and place the floral order on your behalf. All you need to do is pick up the blooms.

Can we meet halfway?

If you are planning on making centerpieces florals for a wedding or an event but don’t want the stress of taking on the all-important bridal party flowers or feature arrangements, we can help here too. Allow our experienced designers to take control of these responsibilities for you while also providing floral recipes to suit the rest of your requirements.

Contact us today for a current wholesale price list and more information on our levels of service.